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Prime CL COLLAGEN 泰国火爆美白胶原蛋白

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产品名称 : Prime CL COLLAGEN 泰国火爆美白胶原蛋白



Prime CL Collagen is a special collagen imported from Japan and certified as 100% safe. It helps reduce acne, melasmas, and freckles, while moisturizing and rejuvenating skin. It also helps fulfill collagen and replace the deteriorated areas such as the area under the eyes, cheeks, and forehead that are often decayed by time. It promotes skin to be hydrated all day long even when late sleep. It also prevents the occurrence of acne and freckles as well as promotes skin radiance with no need of makeup. Prime CL Collagen plays an important role in protecting skin from sun damages and skin dullness caused by sun exposure. It functions as the shield to prevent skin from UVA and UVB. It causes no weight gain and verified 100% safe from TFDA, GMP, and HACCP Food Safety Standards. Ingredients: Pure Collagen is a special collagen with tiny particles that can easily penetrate the body. It helps slow down the deterioration of skin, smoothen skin, promote skin radiance and increase skin elasticity.L-glutathione inhibits skin pigmentation which is the main cause of dull skin for skin radiance.Vitamin C helps synthesize collagen and fight against free radicals. It supports collagen production for skin brightening by regenerating dead skin cells for a stronger and radiant skin texture.Berry Extract contains the highest antioxidant in the world. It helps slow down cell degeneration and stimulates skin freshness. It’s an important aid in reducing acne, melasmas, and freckles. Directions: For normal results, take 1 capsule after wakeup and 1 capsule before bed.For fast results, take 2 capsules after wakeup and 2 capsules before bed. Content: 1 Pack = 60 Capsules

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