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OROS   升级版柑橘妹妹   ex版本 ★  一盒 30 颗, 3 盒为一个疗程。     ★  每次一粒,早餐前 30 分钟吃一粒。   ★  如果要更快看到效果,早餐和午餐前 30 分钟吃一粒。   ★  尽量避免喝酒,高血压,心脏病,孕妇,哺乳中也不要吃。     主要成分: 1. 苦橙萃取物:内含辛乐酸素,帮助崩解顽固脂肪,减低食欲,提高能量消耗,提升运动效果 2. 绿茶:内含儿茶素,帮助提升新陈代谢,压抑食欲,维护心血管健康,抗氧 3. 决明子提取粉:降血脂,利水通便 4. 覆盆莓:内含烯酮素,加速脂肪的代謝燃烧,排除下半身水肿 5. 竹子纤维:降低血脂,抗发炎,促进肠胃蠕动 6. 辣椒素:加速新陈代谢,瓦解体脂肪,抗癌,释放饱足信息 7. 绿咖啡萃取:控制血糖,促进脂肪转为能量 8. 难消化麦芽糊精:可溶性膳食纤维,改善大肠技能,抑制脂肪吸收 9. L- 肉酸:加速脂肪代谢,提升运动效果   餐前一锭:   ✔ 排除身体过多油脂   ✔ 阻止身体吸收过多油脂   ✔ 帮助肠胃正常消化食物   ✔ 帮助正常排便   ✔ 调整体质维持身材     选择柑橘妹妹的理由   1. 100%天然植物萃取而成   2. 不是减肥药,是天然油切食品,安全无副作用   3. 台湾研发,生产,进口,质量有保证   4. 国泰千万保险,SGS专业检验机构,严格监督   5. 内含成份属于国家专利   6. 效果稳定不反弹   Five main effects: 1. Exclude excess body fat 2. Prevent the body to absorb extra fat (oil cut) 3. To help the stomach digest food properly (high fiber) 4. Help normal bowel movements (gastrointestinal smooth) 5. Adjust the physical maintenance of the bodyHaving before a meal, it can prevent the body to absorb oil, help the stomach digest food well drained so that bad things do not stay in the body to achieve a slimming effect. This is not a laxative, will not make your stomach unwell, is not dubious diet pills! "citrus sister" is a food, not a drug, will not make your body have side effects, if doesnt work so well or unstable, Taiwan artists do not recommend, Taiwan media and government are very strict! The important thing is allows you to use the most healthy way to lose weight, and maintain your body, which is why the Taiwanese girl can keep silming so stable and natural, also the way Janpanese do"oil cut"!#Oros #Citrus #Sister helps block fat and absorb wasted oil in one’s body to lose weight. It is originally from Taiwan. The main ingredients: 1. Citrus: Increase lipolysis, Boost fat burner, Thermogenesis, Appetite reduction 2. Green Tea: Contain Catechin, Enhance metabolism, Maintain cardiovascular health, Anti-oxidation 3. Cassia Extract: Hypolipidemic, Diuretic, Clear vision and liver 4. Raspberry: Accelerated fat burning metabolism, Eliminate lower body edema, Effects last longer than Capsaicin 5. Bamboo Fiber: Hypolipidemic, Anti-inflammatory, Promote gastrointestinal motility 6. Capsaicin: Active "TRPV1 Protein" in body, Appetite reduction, Anti-cancer, Destroy body fats 7. Green Coffee Extract: Control body sugar, Reduce the sugar index of food, Promote the conversion of fat into energy 8. Effects of Resistant Maltodextrin: Kind of corn starch, Soluble dietary fiber, Inhibit fat absorption, Improve ability of large intestine 9. L-Carnitine: Prevent fat accumulation, Enhance the movement effect, Effectively accelerate fat metabolism Since the launching of Citrus Sister in the mainland and Taiwan, most of the end users like it. The biggest features of Citrus Sister are that it is completely without taboos and it will not cause diarrhea

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